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Who We Are

You may not realize it just yet but you have found your next best friend as well as the solution to your next marketing and video production projects.

Stony Props Studios was started in 2012 by Steven Lee & Tony Pagan, two prominent leaders in the Costume & Prop building community. It was formed on the belief that by working together as a collective group we can work smarter, take on bigger projects & accomplish greater things than what most prop builders could ever dream about doing on their own. They were right.

Since its’ inception in 2012, Stony Props Studios has grown. In just a few short years we have now expanded to having over 20 extremely diversified, award winning artists ranging in talents from 3D design and concepts to master molders and painters. The uniqueness & diversification of this collaboration of artists is one of kind. Our strength lies not only each of our artist, but also in the collective creative insight of the entire Stony Props team.

Who do we work for

Our expanding list of clients ranges from major corporations like Microsoft Studios, to cosplayers & everyone in between.

Thanks for your consideration & for taking a few minutes to learn more about us.

Our Team

Marketing Executive / Creative Designer & Fabricator. 15 + years Marketing & Advertising Executive & award winning Costume & Prop creator. Hands on Project Director & chief cook and bottle washer.

Jim Mcrea

CEO & Partner

Prop builder and Costumer, I specialize in mold making, pepakura, foam builds, a lot of my work has been featured by Microsoft for the Halo franchise, If I can make it I will build it.

Steven Lee

Founder & Partner

Chief Creative Officer, Police Lieutenant, & Pilot. Specializing in: 3D Modeling & Printing, EVA sculpting, CNC machining, Casting & Mold fabrications.

Walter Marlin

CCO & Partner

Senior Member & 3D designer and artist specializing in hard surface modeling, Specialist of Blender, 3ds Max, among other software. Starting as a builder I began 3D modeling in 2010 to make files for prop forums and I was eventually brought in as Stony Prop's third member.

Jacob Morin

Senior Member & 3D Designer

I specialize in just about everything, with over 15 years of prop making experience. 2d Design, laser cutting, scratch building, prototyping, molding, casting, painting, chrome plating, just to name a few.

Justin Branfuhr

Senior Member & Expert prop fabricator, mold maker and painter

I take cool stuff and make it cooler! Check out my past work at the below links.

Brian Johnson

(not of AC/DC) - Fabrication and Paint Specialist

Sculptor and Costumer with 25 years experience as a professional artist. His work is on display at the Smithsonian NMNH and the Peabody Museum at Yale University. For 12 years Sean Bradley Studio has manufactured costume armor and props for filmmakers, fans, and collectors - as seen on the SyFy network, the Discovery Channel, Spike TV, in numerous fan films and XBox Live. Contact Sean below.

Sean Bradley

Prop Maker and Professional Artist

I've been building cosplay armor since 2011 when I saw a YouTube video of a guy with a pepakura War Machine costume. Then and there I was hooked. Since then my skills have grown to include pepakura and foam armor building, molding/casting, painting and 3D printing as well.

Rusty Spratt

Senior Member & Armor/prop fabricator & painter

Rob ``Doc`` Dailey- 8yr US Navy Veteran (OEF), 14yr Educator, 4yr Prop/Costume maker, and 3yr College Professor. I specialize in: Molding, casting, 3D print printing/finishing, foam armor fabrication, and minor digital editing. I really enjoy transforming concept art into real life items.

‪Robert C Dailey II‬‪‬‬

Prop and Costume Maker

I use a variety of mediums and building methods. For a more detailed look at my work, check out my facebook link.

Calen Hoffman

Prop maker and fabricator

Works as a computer game artist in the Seattle area. Over twenty four years art experience in multiple mediums.
• Specializes in 3D modeling, 3D printing, foam crafting armor and making props out of multiple materials.
• Software programs, 3DS MAX, ZBrush, Pepakura, Photoshop, Cura and Netfabb 3D slicers
• Renraku Props on FaceBook and Instagram

David Dawson

3D Modeler and Prop Maker

I started prop making in 2010. I taught myself in blender for basic pepakura modeling but stepped it up to 3d printable props. I also learned a bit of Inventor during high school and built on that knowledge. I learned a lot of what I know from a local prop maker and mentor Cal (moncal).

Josh West

Prop Maker

I've been building props and costumes since 2007 and have been involved in lots of different projects.. I work for my family at a machine shop grew up running CNC equipment... But all in all I have a major passion for creating in general rather it be a painting or a giant metal sun flower ... It's the steps you have to take the achieve the dreams in your head.

Collin Royster

Senior Member

Best described as a frustrated engineer who loves to make things glow, and give them sound. Joshua has been building props since 2012, and breaking small electronic devices since the early 1970’s. He is the guy putting the “digital” in video game and fantasy props. Although he does not generally make replicas or props, Josh love to make them “pop” with his special programming flair.‬‬

Joshua Kane

Senior Electrical Engineer

An enthusiastic pretend-aholic Space Systems Engineer with 8 years’ experience in Costumes and Prop production. Hydra's strengths come from her ability to conceptualize and bring to life unique creations alongside tailoring and crafting replicas. Her strengths include: clay sculpting, painting, & tailoring/sewing.


Prop Maker

I've been a costume/prop designer for 11years. I specialize in foam armor and sculpting. And I'm also still learning new ways to fabricate such as sewing and 3d printing.

Daniel Christopher Wright

Senior Member

15 years of art experience in multiple mediums. 9 years of that with 3D modeling. Specializes in 3D models and foam armor making.

Alex Halo Nash

3D Artist / Modeler

15 years’ experience in making props and costumes and as well served the US Army for the last 11 years. Specializing in 3 dimensional replication through the utilization of a diverse range of mediums. Scott also excels at wood working, vacuum forming, mold making, special effects & makeup.

Scott Gilmore

Prop Maker

Full time student, aspiring Special Education teacher, enjoys working with pepakura, Eva foam, clay and painting. Working diligently to expand her skill set to include molding and casting among many other things including 3D printing and finishing.

Kassie Marlin

Prop Maker

Sean Shaw

Prop Maker

Vern A. Herberg

Senior Member

Tim Winn

Prop Maker